About Us




       In 1933, Walt and Cora Scharf opened a gas station on third avenue in downtown Rochester.  Eventually, Walt began offering machine service as well as auto parts which he sold out of a Ford Model A.  The auto parts and machining business proved successful and Scharf Auto Supply began operating at its current location in January of 1949.  Originally, this location offered one of Rochester’s first rooftop parking lots.  Through this location, Scharf Auto began serving southeastern Minnesota and northern Iowa through road sales and delivery service.  The paint department opened in the mid 1950s, and in 1977 Scharf Auto became the first auto parts store in southeastern Minnesota to use computers for its sales and inventory.


       Today, Scharf Auto Supply continues to serve southeastern Minnesota and northern Iowa.   Scharf Auto employs six full-time and twelve part- time employees.  


        Scharf Auto is a full-service auto parts store, and also offers paint and body shop supplies.  The paint department carries PPG and OMNI brand automotive enamels, urethanes,  base, waterborne, and clear coats.  The paint department also provides computer paint readings using a digital spectrometer.